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Shh, I'm Sleeping For Two! The Spectrum of Pregnancy Woes

There is a spectrum of pregnancy woes, while some gals having a very easy enjoyable 3 trimesters there are many mamas who have a really rough 9 months. Some even have a 9 months filled with every single possible symptom and maybe even some that are plain old unique! Some of us will have pain and others not even a slight ache.

Some of us will maintain going to the gym regularly and others will be in a coma of exhaustion. It's just how our bodies work and we don't all function the same. The importance is in respecting the spectrum of pregnancy woes.

Recently I was in a shop and overheard two mums talking and their conversation went something like this:

Lady # 1: Oh my god Elaine. So, my friend was over and she is only like barely 6 months pregnant but she is moaning on and on like she is TEN months pregnant. Wait till she is in the final stretch. She won't even know what has hit her! haha haha hahahaha ha!

Lady #2: hahahaha hahaha ha!!! Oh yeah. She should just wait. 6 months is prime time! What is she complaining about?

This is my take: Lady # 1 probably had an easy pregnancy and doesn't really get how other pregnant mamas can experience things differently, either that or she just plain forgets how uncomfortable pregnancy can potentially be.

On the spectrum of pregnancy woes I'm probably somewhere in the middle. I can still go to work and do my job and play around with Ben, but I have had to make some overall compromises and changes in my life to accommodate growing a baby. I'm already pumping out the hormone Relaxin and it makes me constantly achey and sore right down to my fingers and toes. I have bursts of pain that leave me with the odd bout of tears from the shooting pain down both my hips.

At nearly 19 weeks I'm still crazy tired and will sleep whenever the opportunity arises. Even if that occasion arises while I'm at work on my break.

Side note: If I have my eyes closed while I'm on my break at work, there is no need to wake me up to make sure that my 'blood sugars are okay?!?!'. My blood sugars are great but I am tired. Wait, now I'm awake. This nap sucks!

Please respect the spectrum of pregnancy woes. While it would be ideal if we could all have an easy breezy pregnancy, that's just not going to happen. When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Ben I read a blog about a lady who was 42 weeks and swam across a lake the day before she gave birth. I was in awe! I was in so much discomfort I could barely walk around the block. Her pregnancy woes were not the same as mine. Simple enough!

A little perspective for us pregnant mamas. Watch out who you 'report your woes' to and how often. No one, (ie. my husband) enjoys a constant play by play of all your pregnancy woes.


I suffered from symphosis pubis dysfunction while pregnant. The pain was excruciating by the sixth month and I was unable to walk more than a few feet. I really feel for those women who have terrible pregnancies. And I'm blown away by women who say they feel great and fantastic. Sending you good pregnancy vibes.

August 31, 2011 at 3:41 PM  
Ashley said...

I had two horrible pregnancies and spent 6 weeks hospitalized with my first.  Basically my body sucks at being pregnant.  I envied those I heard say it was a breeze and may have drempt about kicking the lady who said "I LOVED being pregnant it was wonderful and magical.  I'd love to always be pregnant" in the head - shut it.  :)

But I also knew there were those worse off than I was.  I survived pregnancy, I vaginally delivered two babies without even a teeny tear and I had/have two healthy little girls.  It's all relative.

August 31, 2011 at 8:49 PM  
Marie C. said...

Okay! So, I will admit to being that pregnant lady who floated through the whole experience with no issues. I didn't have pain or nausea and I had the same energy level through out. I went to the gym until 36 weeks and was able to wear high heels until the day I gave birth. Don't worry ladies, it all evens out. I had a really really hard labour. 36 hours of trying to dilate and all I got to was 4 lousy CM. Had a scary emergency c-section and it took me forever to recover from that. I had nerve pain from the incision and other issues galore. 

September 1, 2011 at 10:56 AM  
Natasha Bramfield said...

Like WHOA! That is a huge belly!! How many babies do you think are taking up space in there? 4? More!?

September 2, 2011 at 7:18 PM  

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