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Sisterhood in the City

Today my friend Tina and her troop of children came downtown for a walking adventure around the seawall and trips to a trio of parks. Of course it was complete with some latte sipping and screeching babies. Nearing the end of our field trip we mingled with another mama at the park. A mama with a 7 week old baby girl and a 14 month old boy. The two babies close together in age puts her into a special motherhood league of her own. Surviving each day is just amazing and I can't imagine how difficult it must be at times.

Quickly into our casual conversation the first thing she said was that her second pregnancy wasn't planned. According to my fabulous math calculations baby #1 was about 5 months old when baby #2 was conceived. Yet, here she was pushing her young boy on the baby swings while trying to latch her fussy crying newborn on to her boob at the same time. Remember how difficult it was to latch your newborn at the best of times and then add latching/nursing while standing and pushing your first born on the swing? Oh yeah. I haven't done that. Women are amazing and seriously good at multi tasking. A positive attitude also goes a long way in this situation.

One thing that I love about having a child is the sisterhood of motherhood. Mothers seem to come together and seek each other out when out in public. Of course you run into the mean mother but those people are probably always mean even outside of motherhood. When you meet another mother we all seem to ask the same questions like; how old is your baby, what kind of stroller is that, are you getting any sleep, etc. The conversation easily flows and you may never learn the other mothers name but you know about her babies, her struggles and her joys.

So, since today is 'Wine Friday' I will be raising my glass of cold white wine to all of you mothers. You rock! I hope that we can keep on supporting each other. Cheers!


Kristen said...

Hi Andrea,

I just spend some time reading through your entire blog (thanks to your big Sis' facebook link). I've really enjoyed it - a different parenting experience than a suburban mama like me, but the same in a lot of ways too oddly enough (I had a baby that just wouldn't be put down too). My friend Jill and I write a parenting blog and have been looking for other mamas to add to our list, I hope you don't mind that I'm adding yours. I'd like to keep checking in with city life.

June 27, 2009 at 3:17 AM  

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