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It Was A Splendid Saturday Buying Presents

Today I had a little bit of time to myself and so I wandered the neighbourhood in search of a few special presents for upcoming birthdays. I've always been a pre-planner and its always served me well. Especially if I'm tired from being up with a teething baby or when I feel like I've got a lot going on.

Generally I like to have a gift bought about 2 weeks in advance of the occasion. I don't necessarily get it in the post on time or have it wrapped up, but it is always sitting there in my closet or on my vanity. I know that 2 weeks might seem really early for some, but that is just how my brain works. I think my strong love of looking forward to things goes well with pre-planning cards and gifts! I can't show you the gifts that I bought right now, in case one of the recipients might be reading this blog, so I'll show you 3 other lovely things that I brought home today as well.

" I think my strong love of looking forward to things goes well with pre-planning birthday cards and gifts!"

A pink Beba Bean sweater for Josie, because these Fall days can get rather cool even when the sky is blue and filled with sunshine. When I first had Josie I decided that I wasn't going to go all crazy with pink just because she was a girl. However, she happens to look really sweet in light pink given her complexion (and I also really love the colour pink). I'm excited to have her wear this little hooded sweater out on our next outing.

After the high of shopping that I felt after the purchase of this little sweater I started to think about how big Josie was getting. About how she was already 8 months old and in a matter of no time it would be her first birthday. It is so bittersweet watching your baby grow up and a constant tug of war between being so excited for the next milestone and not wishing away the moments at the same time. I found these fun purple paper striped straws and thought I could add them to my stash of potential party items for Josie's first. Yes, I am already pre-planning Josie's first birthday celebration. Yes, I know!

As I was already thinking about birthdays I did a quick think about which children's birthdays were coming up over the next while. I found a lovely 4th birthday card for a special little princess who will be celebrating later this Fall with her own princess inspired bash. A perfect find!

Are you a big time pre-planner like me or more of a jet to the store just before the birthday girl blows out her candles? Also, don't you just love that pink sweater?


Jackie (Mom to 2) said...

I really really adore that pink baby sweater! It is just so cozy and cute and I'm loving the wooden buttons too. Great pick.

September 16, 2012 at 10:20 AM  
Melissa Jacks said...

I love that your girls party inspiration might stem from some fancy paper purple straws!

September 17, 2012 at 8:06 AM  
RuminatingMommy said...

Love the sweater...I've beein thinking ahead to Maddie's birthday.... I'm a planner too. I'm enjoying all of her baby moments because time is flying by and she'll be a toddler before I know it. We celebrate all of her milestones and I feel sad at the same time as each one passes.

September 17, 2012 at 1:59 PM  

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