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Enjoying My Moment

I've come to a big conclusion about my current battle (obsession) in becoming the perfect housewife; I would much rather hold my baby than worry about the dust accumulating and what amazing meal to whip up. This baby is a sweet one, and most likely my last one, and I'm going to enjoy being home with her and her brother.

I would rather my arms grow weary from holding all 14 pounds of my baby than from deep cleaning my carpet.

I would rather the wrinkles on my face be from smiling and laughing with my funny 3 year old and not from making my 'stress face' while staring down last nights dinner dishes that are still piled high.

Basically, I'm giving myself a break from attempting to become the perfect stay at home mama of two. Instead I will pick baby snuggles over washing the bathroom counters. I will choose lounging with my children instead of stressing over tidiness and order.

That being said I still don't want to live in a big dump. I am a happier gal with a clean and tidy abode and I am spending much more time at home than I ever did before. So, when there are quiet moments, or when the little ones are fast asleep, I will haul the garbage to the basement and fold their tiny shirts. I've also been doing more regular bouts of cleaning which has really helped in the overall hours I need to spend cleaning. When given the opportunity I just might vacuum instead of blog or read a trashy magazine. Gasp!

I'm still learning to balance it all but there is definitely a lot more joy in my life and less self criticism than weeks ago. Right now I've got two happy children, a load of clean wash turning in the dryer, a bit of a mess on the kitchen counters but nothing that I can't handle! I'm off to go snuggle my smiley growing Josie and enjoy her.


Mrs Loquacious said...

I know of a good housekeeper who can at least scrub down your bathrooms and floors and rid your home of dust while you cuddle your baby.  Let me know if you want her contact info - $20/hour and good.  I'm downtown and she comes down to do my place bi-weekly so that I can keep the place tidy while I spend time with my little girl.

April 18, 2012 at 6:56 AM  
Alicia said...

I love this, and especially love that little poem.  That very one hangs on the wall in my mother-in-law's bedroom and it always makes me smile.  Such a good reminder. 

Also, to echo Mrs Loquacious I JUST had the epiphany that I needed to finally do it... pay someone to clean my house.  I hate cleaning oh so much, and I can't quite find the time to do much more than stay on top of the everyday stuff, the laundry, the dishes, the tidying.  The day-to-day stuff is ridiculously time-consuming as it is!  So if you can afford it, I'd highly recommend it, even though I haven't had my first cleaning yet!  Met with my lady on Monday and she starts in two weeks.  She'll come every two weeks and she's going to vacuum, dust, and clean bathrooms.  And I think I may love her for it.  ;)

April 18, 2012 at 2:24 PM  
Amanda said...

You certainly have your priorities straight.  Good for you!

April 18, 2012 at 9:17 PM  
Ruminating Mommy said...
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