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Night Shift Ramblings

I'm in between night shifts right now and sipping coffee while lounging in my bed. I woke up too early for my own liking and tossed and turned trying to get back to sleep. Sleep didn't come my way because something odd and bright was shining into my bedroom and casting warm beams on my bed. There was no turning back to the land of nod.

There is really nothing like a gorgeous Winters day in Vancouver to spark your energy and make you feel fantastic. Since you come to expect a lot of damp grey days during these months, a sunny day feels like such a bonus. I'd love to be out walking the seawall right now, but I'm resting in bed for my last night shift instead. The apartment is quiet and I've decided to take my time just lounging and peeking out the window looking out at the sun shining over False Creek.

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We've got big plans for my days off and I'm already looking forward to them. I do love having something to look forward to; whether its a dinner out, a nice trip to my favourite coffee shop, or a trip out of town to see my family. This time around Ben and I will be catching the ferry to Victoria to go and spend some time with my family.

We have a birthday to celebrate and a Valentines tea party to attend! There will be a lush visit to a spa with my 2 sisters and my mum. Coffee dates at the very lovely child friendly Crumsby's Cupcake Cafe, and hopefully a bit of quiet time too.

With so much good stuff to enjoy and look forward to, I most certainly can get through just one more little night shift.

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