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(Westcoast) Living In The Moment

It has been exceptionally beautiful in Vancouver lately. I say exceptionally because it is February after all and in the past I have seen snow this time of year. Today the sun is out and there is a blue sky and a feeling of spring everywhere. There are blossoms on the cherry blossom trees and I can see the yellow heads of daffodils poking out of the ground.

Spring and summer are my all time favorite seasons to live in this west coast city. During the peak spring and summer months we don't really have a good reason to leave Vancouver. This is the place to be! There is beauty all over and this west coast city becomes so livable. I put up with the rain and the grey just for this!

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I love the contentment that comes with walking the seawall and the sun is shining. Even if I am having a disappointing day or my head is clouded with worries or heavy thoughts, I can momentarily leave it behind as I enjoy the moment. You know that moment right? The heat of the sun on your back and the cool breeze from the water on your face. The stillness that surrounds you, even if it is just for a moment, lets you really take in the feeling. This is life!


Sharlene said...

Sounds like absolute and total bliss!

February 22, 2010 at 5:42 PM  
Guest said...

Oh Andrea,

I so loved spring and summer in Vancouver too. I loved going for walks in the evening looking at all the flowers and beautiful trees. You just made me lonesome for Vancouver. The trees are budding in Kamloops too. It's wonderful.

Lesley Ring

February 22, 2010 at 9:15 PM  

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