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When Ben was 9 months old I was in the full swing of maternity leave and I joined a mothers group that had weekly and monthly meet ups around the city. It seemed like the perfect thing to do and I went to a few of these meet ups and had a really good time hanging out with other moms and babes. There were picnics in Granville Island, moms only martini meet ups, sidewalk coffee dates and community center pot lucks.

It wasn't until the very last meet up back in October that I ended up questioning why I was meeting with this group. I ended up meeting 'the' mother of all mothers. You know exactly the one I mean. She is the one with more advice on a certain topic that you didn't even ask her about. The one who'd openly 'tsk tsk' the idea of your child using a sippy cup and not a regular cup. She is the same women who submits her high opinion of your parenting skills without the blink of an eye. She leaves you confused and she leaves a bad taste in your mouth and ends up making you feel like you just aren't doing good enough.

"Well, my baby Samantha is already reading. That's how we doing things"
"My baby has never had an artificial nipple. I would never do that to her."

I am guessing that when the mother of all mothers was in highschool she was most likely the over achiever. A semi nerd but did well for herself overall. She was most likely the one who wore the latest Coconut Joe pants and always did her homework on Friday night. She grew up and turned into 'that' mother and she is the reason I no longer enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of semi strangers and their babies in the city.

So, today I disjoined the meet up group and I have to say, it felt good to hit that button taking me out of the group. It's funny how one person can give you a bad impression and eventually motivate your decision. Obviously she isn't the only reason I left and I have to say that I did meet a handful of amazing fun moms. I no longer have a baby and talking babyhood is no longer the only thing in my head.

*there is no real baby Samantha but if there was she would be drinking from a cup and reading book by 7 months old*


Momof2 said...

OMG I think I know this woman. LOL. Just kidding but those type of moms exist in every city and every mom group. They think they are the consultant of mothers and it can be so annoying. Oh man.

January 13, 2010 at 3:05 PM  

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