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It's A Small World: Blogger Love

When I write each post I assume that people I've never met read each word and look at my pictures and maybe imagine those pictures coming to life. The world of blogging is really quite vast with blog topics on absolutely everything. People from all over come to my space, most being from Canada and the USA and a few are from China, Belgium, Norway, France and more! Of course some of you are my personal friends, and even my family, and then there are a lot of you that I don't really know...or know yet? The world wide web is scary and impersonal right? Not really so in this era. It is the place to be and the way to be at the same time.

Today the world of blogging happily collided with my own personal world. Seriously this world is a small one! I have mentioned the blog Koo and Poppet before because I won a bear for Ben and also enjoy her Etsy shop. My first introduction to Koo and Poppet was through another blog of someone else that I didn't know personally. That's just the way the world of blogging works.

Getting to the point now. Today my sister Sarah was hanging out in a Starbucks that she doesn't normally go to and was recognized by Sarah from Koo and Poppet. Funny right? It's like Kevin Bacon's six degrees of separation really and I dig it. The accidental run in got even better because Sarah, from Koo and Poppet, was on her way to mail ME a package of one of her creatures that I had ordered for a present. So, she just gave this package to my sister during their small world run in. All together now, 'It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all'.

In other news our little island vacation is coming along nicely and is almost at its end. I have done lots of backyard sitting and Ben has been having a splash in the baby pool a few times a day. We have done lots of visiting and playing and eating one too many treats. I am also experiencing the joy of my boy getting teeth # 7 and 8 and his usual crankiness and sleeplessness that comes along with that said joy. Soon he will have quite a set of pearly whites to flash at his upcoming first birthday.


koo_and_poppet said...

Oh Andrea, it's too funny! it goes to show how many strangers we probably see on a daily basis who we actually have some connection to but don't realize...

There's no making sense of it...but I love when things like this happen :)

August 20, 2009 at 10:02 AM  
Guest said...

It is a small world isn't it? And definitely getting smaller (in good way) thanks to social media. It was great "meeting" you in person Sarah. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

August 20, 2009 at 11:49 PM  
Guest said...

I went to Vancouver last year and upon returning home and wrote about it. One of my readers commented that she thought she had seen me on Robson :)

The connections really never end...


August 21, 2009 at 7:05 AM  

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