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Poof! Baby Powder!

Today was a quiet day for us and it was rather enjoyed! In the late afternoon I decided to head out with Ben and pick up an iced latte at Cito Espresso in Yaletown. Delicious as always. Then we did our usual afternoon seawall stroll and then headed to the local grocery store to buy fresh dinner supplies. I made a stop by their baby section and I came across an interesting scene.

This is what I saw. A 50+ year old woman in cruise wear dusting her feet with baby powder. The baby powder that stocked the shelves. Brand new bottles for sale. She ended up getting baby powder all over her sandals and made a huge dusty poof on the floor. She didn't see me as I stood there watching closely. She put the powder back on the shelf and started to walk away. Leaving silky white footprints behind her with each step. Then she noticed me. She walked a few more steps and I did my best to do my secret agent staring. About four steps into her get away she doubled back and picks up the newly opened baby powder and makes like she is just 'testing it out' and will now be purchasing it.

I love coming across funny situations like this. I am sure she thought it was such a good idea before she started. Before the huge white dusting through the baby aisle. Of course as I moved my stroller around I ended up getting the powder even more all over. This time leaving stroller tracks.


Alex said...

I know that 'secret agent stare' of which you speak. I've seen it once or twice.

I bet that lady never tells anyone what happened, ever. Can you imagine her side of the story?

"So I'm in Urban Fare using some of their 'free sample' baby powder as I'd been walking all day... well, it wasn't actually labeled a free sample but you know they leave most of the stuff out for you to try... and I was powdering my feet in the aisle when this lady starts staring at me!"

June 11, 2009 at 11:38 PM  
Glyn said...

Her inner monologue...

My feet are REALLY sweaty. I thought Canada was going to be cold.
Oh, I'll just take a wee bit of powder from this bottle...
Oh crap! Now there is powder everywhere!
No one saw me so I am walking away...

Oh no look at that woman with the stroller staring at me!
She has secret agent eyes.
*sigh* I'll just buy the damn thing!

June 14, 2009 at 7:48 PM  
Andrea said...

You guys having me laughing out loud!!

June 14, 2009 at 7:53 PM  

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