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It's Time For A Holiday

In just a few shorts day I'm embarking on my first ever girlfriends trip away since I've had babies. Ben will go off to visit his cousins in Victoria, a destination that he absolutely loves and adores, and Josie will stay home and hang out with her daddy and the nanny. The best part is, I feel no guilt at all about leaving my family and going on a long weekend with girlfriends. None. Nada. I will be traveling on a train to Portland with two girlfriends that I met back in nursing school. Seriously, nurses make the best girlfriends!

I'm looking forward to having moments of relaxation and the opportunity to feel a little bit rejuvenated. I am pretty sure that I will miss my family immensely and I'm sure us ladies will talk kids, but I will enjoy myself. I will be be hopeful and pack along a book that I've been wanting to read and I am hoping that I will be able to actually sleep in and not wake up at 6 AM like my kids do every.single.morning. I want to enjoy the friends I'm traveling with and spend some time together like old friends should.

Josie before bedtime in her brother's old robe.

I've just done a bunch of busy shifts in maternity and I'm busy changing my blog over and am doing some fun behind the scenes blogging work with my husband. I can't wait for the update to be live and am excited to have you see it so soon. I am officially ready to leave Blogger behind and move on! So many exciting things going on. How perfect is it that I have 3 weeks off of work!

So tell me, would you ever go on a holiday without your children?

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