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Apartment Baby Patio Fun

All this week I've just had one apartment baby hanging out at home with me; big brother Ben has been off in Victoria this week and having the time of his life hanging out with his cousins. From the photos and updates from my sister I think our boy is having so much fun and isn't missing us too much. However, with Ben being away I started to notice that Josie was a little bit bored without his usual entertainment and silly antics, so I went out and bought her a cheap water table to fill up a bit of our afternoons. The glee in her eyes was worth the hassle it was to assemble it and connect the plastic parts together.

Seeing the enjoyment she had with being able to splash around at home was well worth the 20 odd dollars I paid at Winners just it. Of course, our curious girl tried to climb up and into the water table at least 5 different times, she also drank the water by face planting into it on purpose.

Living in an apartment you miss out on some of the features you get when you have a house with a private backyard. I'm sure all of you house dwellers reading my blog have a full on water table for your toddler already set up (do you?). Maybe a sand table and a swing set too? Those are the perks of a family backyard for sure. For now, our Josie is really digging having this to play with. So, there we were with the summers lights warming us up, up there on our apartment patio.


Tarable said...

Oh look at her having a blast! Such fun. And great photos.

July 6, 2013 at 7:42 AM  
chante said...

We have a house with a big yard, in the summer we usually have a really small water table, a little kid pool and a hand me down swingset from the grandparents

July 7, 2013 at 7:29 AM  

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