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Serious Baby Love

Well folks, my tiny little baby officially enters toddlerhood, as Josie is 18 months tomorrow. What I know for sure is, I'm one heck of a mother-loving-baby-lover. I love all things newborn and baby, especially those that are soft and squishy. I love to talk about breastfeeding and the early days postpartum and actually don't mind the universal conversation about babies and sleep. I'm pretty sure that part of me will truly miss being a member of 'the new moms club'. Is that crazy? Recently I ran into a neighbour who reminded me of how great it can be to regain some of yourself once those baby days are over. I love her take on leaving the baby days.

I'm very fortunate that in the next month I will get to be at the birth of a special newborn! My youngest sister is having her first baby and I'm going to be her labour doula when the time comes. How exciting to be able to do what I love for a person I love. I have a lot of energy to bring to the birth and also know that she is going to totally rock each stage. I also am happy to leave behind those fiddly parts of my job as a labour and delivery RN, like the mounds of paperwork that comes with being at a birth, and just focus on labour support.

I've decided to make myself a doula bag with lots of kick ass items that will be useful for her labour. While I've already got some ideas I would really love to hear what you think should be packed for labour support at a birth. What was the best thing you brought to your own labour? Recently someone told me to get the mama to-be to purchase a massage oil that smells really great to them. I love this idea!


Solomama said...

I got this!

For my first birth, my bag was the size of Mary Poppins bag.
Now, I just have a small bag packed with some gum, my essential oil defuser, a "labour oil" for massaging, a few electric candles (my fav. item), hair ties and head bands.
How nice for you to not have to worry about all the paper work and put all your focus on your sister! Keep us updated on the birth!

June 12, 2013 at 9:29 PM  

I suggest a good playlist, Depends (for the post-birth bleeds, cuz I hated those hospital mesh panties), Popsicles, and a way to record the details of the labour (since she's going to want the nitty gritty details but won't be able to remember or even hear all of the exchanges happening while she's labouring).

June 12, 2013 at 11:11 PM  

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