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Dry Desert Skin

We are back in the city and I'm currently trying to re-moisturize my skin after I neglected it a little with all the dry desert heat and glorious sun that I soaked up. I knew I had to make it a priority when Ben proclaimed, 'Mum! You've got snake skin on your face!'. I do love the honesty of my 4 year old and he was actually sort of correct. So, right now I'm sitting and blogging with some serious hydration slathered all over my face and waiting for it to sink in and get rid of all those dry snake skin parts. Really thankful that the other week I treated myself to a refill of Hydradew mask from Skoah.

As soon as we got back I had great intentions of getting all of our holiday laundry unpacked and into the washing machine. I absolutely hate having suitcases laying around, especially living in an apartment where there is no place to hide them out of plain sight. There just isn't enough floor space to let things sit and wait. So, I tried my best to do the wash and put things away but then the tiredness of the early morning and flight caught up with me and I just couldn't finish the job. So, this morning while the baby naps and the boy is at preschool I will try my hardest to finish things off and put away all things related to travel, but only after I fix the snake skin on my face.

When you come back from traveling do you let your suitcases sit around or are you eager to unpack and put things away? I'm most certain that if I had a basement or a mud room that my suitcases would sit there until a week or more went by!


Melissa said...

Totally get your quick reaction to get the suitcases unpacked. We're in a 2 bedroom townhouse but I can definitely relate to the eagerness to get the suitcases out of the way and laundry done! It's at the top of my list. I'm usually unpacking the clothes and getting them in the laundry within the first hour of getting home from any trip. Ha!

May 16, 2013 at 8:45 AM  

I always want the suitcases out of the way the moment we get home, but alas, LIFE. It gets in the way. I'm usually lucky if I can get it unpacked and washed within the week (with the nanny's help watching my kidlet), but moving the suitcase back into storage never happens. We still have ours out from a month ago. :( I blame it on our ginormous master bedroom that has enough floor space for that suitcase to hang out in the corner foreverandeveramen. But I really am going to move it back into the storage room. Soon..ish.

May 16, 2013 at 11:11 AM  

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