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My Dad And My Husband: Two Amazing Fathers In My Life

Growing up with an exceptional dad gave me high expectations for the man who would eventually become the father of my children. My dad was the father who was well liked by all of our friends growing up. He was a good balance between being formal and strict but also soft and caring. Which truly made him the perfect father for a family of all girls.

Back when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my dad wrote me a sweet feel good letter about how he knew I would be able to get through the diagnosis and how he was there for me. I was pretty shaken up at the prospect of living the rest of my life with a disease and his support helped me through. To this day, I still have the letter folded up in a keep sake box and I imagine it is something that I will always hold on to.

My dad trying to entertain baby Ben with one of his humerus make believe stories complete with funny noises. Good dads turns into good grandpas!

Now that I'm a mum I'm happy to have a husband who is also a strong father. Considering there are more than enough flaky parents, I have no problems showcasing the excellent father my husband is. While he may not be the biggest fan of the newborn period, he is moving through the toddler years like a professional parent. He is more likely to get down on the floor and play with his son than me, and he will stay out at the park for several hours in a row on a totally voluntary status. I am confident enough to say that when it comes to certain parenting things, he does the job better than me.

I know that some mum's get nervous when the father is left in charge of the children, but fatherhood comes naturally for my husband. While we certainly have the occasional difference in opinion about how to parent (because how can two people from different families not have some opposing idea) the majority of parenting is done as a team. While mama might be the best for cuddles when you're feeling poorly, daddy is the best for playing trucks out in the dirt.

My husband has taught our son how to crack an egg into a bowl and add just the right amount of salt and pepper to season it. He has taught our child how to show compassion to animals and how to share toys on the playground and make new friends. Our little Ben adores his dad and I love seeing their relationship bloom.


Amanda said...

Hurray for awesome, hands-on dads!

June 18, 2011 at 10:16 PM  
Kristen Springthorpe said...

I agree that dads don't get enough credit these days.  I'm happy to be the daughter of one and raising kids with another one.  You have some fantastic men in your life here too Andrea!

June 20, 2011 at 8:47 AM  
Swank Mama said...

So nice that your dad and husband are such great fathers! I can easily relate and am guilty for not putting up my own post on the same subject.  Things just got super busy on the weekend with Lil J's birthday party.  Hope you had a good weekend!

June 20, 2011 at 10:01 AM  

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