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It's The Sister's Annual Holiday Shopping Trip!

My sisters and I have been getting together for our annual 'Sisters Annual Shopping Trip' for the past 12 years or so. I'm not even sure of the actual count of years, but I know it started back when I was first in university and that was around 1998. In past years we have gone to Victoria and shopped and watching movies and cuddled up at home. Recently we've been meeting up in Vancouver, and in past years my oldest sis even brought her 8 week old baby!

This years visit was rather short and sweet because of busy life/work schedules, my older sister was able to grab a night away from home and booked herself into a hotel downtown. We did some lunching and some shopping and some sisterly bonding, all amidst the usual holiday crowds downtown.

Must mark the occasion with a proper photo! Little sis, middle sis, oldest sis!

I'm so happy that no matter how busy our each individual life is, we all make an effort to meet up for this over the holidays. Of course there has always been work, or school, or fussy babies to add to the mix and make it a little more difficult, but somehow we make it work. 12 years and counting! For this I am really thankful. I guess I must be a traditional kind of lady because I rather like celebrating with annual get togethers like this.

One last serious pose before we busted out of the door and headed to the shops.

Do you have any special family traditions that gets you excited?

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