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Snow Day In The City

I'm in between night shifts tonight, and so I spent the day sleeping all cozy and warm in my bed while my little family had a Saturday out in the snow. I had watched the white stuff come down all night, the large windows in the birthing rooms are pretty great for watching snow flakes collect in the light of the street lamps.

We weren't really prepared for snow and so Ben's yellow rain suit had to do double duty with lots of bundling underneath. Note the Halloween spider hat, 'someone' picked that one out all on their own! At least we got multiple uses out of that Halloween costume!

By the time I got up and started sipping some java, the snow was nearly gone except for an old dusting on the grass. I can still feel the coolness creeping in from outside. Those large condo windows that help with a gorgeous water views are pretty bad at keeping the cold out and the warm in. I'm going to go and snuggle with my boy before I head off to work.

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