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Where In The World Is....?

I'm currently lost in the land of the crabby toddler, and I'm having problems surfacing and sitting down to write. I've also been working a bunch lately and just finished up a course for work on my last chunk days off. This means I've been writing some fantastic blog posts, but they are all up in my head.

Let's see:

Ben has a chest cold and the poor lad is annoyed with being sick and having a cough. He keeps me posted with just how miserable he is and lets me know on a regular basis. He wants extra cuddles from me and I am enjoying that part. I will admit to looking up what medications I could give him, and realized that I have 2 more years before I can knock out some of his achy breaky symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Sometimes I am such a nurse with the drug pushing.

I'm hoping that my next two days off will have a little bit of reprieve and an on the mend toddler. Maybe an afternoon nap too!

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