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Hawaii, Here I Come!

I justmight be counting down my shifts until I am on vacation, and I just might be day dreaming about our upcoming Hawaiian vacation. It turns out that almost anything feels possible when a vacation is coming your way.

Maui, 2009.

It will just be my husband and I sipping pineapple wine on the island of Kauai. Our little boy will be having his own holiday at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It is so so lovely that my parents will watch Ben while we have a vacation, we are so thankful and know how nice of a treat it is! I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and also a bit of resting and relaxing. I'm excited about room service breakfast, quite mornings spent by the pool, moments filled with lounging with my husband and complimented with a little adventure too.

There is no question that we will miss Ben while we're away, we love that boy and he makes us swell with love each day! I've got a lot of getting ready to do but I'm happy about it....and for the record, it's just one last shift to do!

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